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The products and information in this site will help you in getting pregnant. Read a few of the many testimonials from women who have turned their fertility switch ON and know that you can do this too!

"My gynecologist referred me to the 7 Strategies to Fertility Success program and I began right away. I was amazed! In about three months, I was pregnant."
- Jamie A. - Over 40, pregnant within 3 months


How to get pregnant

How to get pregnant

Do you need Progesterone to get pregnant?
Progesterone is referred to as the "pregnancy" hormone. It plays a vital role in preparing the uterus for a fertilized egg. It is imperative that you have enough progesterone and the right ratio ...

Are You Sleeping Enough?
So many women that I work with are busy. I get it, I'm busy too. But one thing I won't skimp on is sleep. If you're trying to conceive cheating your body of much needed sleep can be a deal ...

How Important is Focus?
I got a call today from a woman who just found out she is pregnant. I love those calls. Not as much as a woman loves the call from her doctor or the "stick" that tells her she is pregnant, but a ...

Trying to get pregnant?
I can't believe how many women are trying to conceive these days!
In my having worked with fertility for so long now, I have my own ideas why that might be. The obvious possibilities are that ...

Do You Have a Fertile Environment?
Everybody knows that the right environment is needed to reap the rewards of a garden. Let's say you would like a vegetable or flower garden. You have a small plot of earth and it's just the right ...